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thehalibutkid's Journal

10 June 1980
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What do you want to know about me?

I work in psychiatry. Though at the moment I am unemployed and looking to begin a course in councelling.

I'm 28.
I might well be bisexual though I have never been able to decide if I am (this is not something that often bothers me).

I live with thesanjibabes who is quite lovely and I love very much.

I have also been seeing parallelgirl who is becoming increasingly important to me and I ya know *coy smile* like a bit.

I like x-box 360.

I use to be a fundie though over the past few years this has gotten to be less and less true (though I am still interested in spirituality in general). I also believe Richard Dawkins is a grumpy old man. I also believe atheism is a religion in it's own right.

I'll argue with most people about most things. Often even if I agree with the person's point of view.

Anything of consequence in my journal is generally friends only. But I am also fairly friendly.